Monday, March 29, 2010

Plans for Painting Live at GCA

(Graphite sketch)
In keeping with my current work using patterns for my backgrounds, I have created this sketch for my next piece. I will be painting this live during a local private school's student art show.
As of now, my plans for the background is to paint it so that it creates the feeling of the ocean, and the pattern will be of starfish. The detail in the starfish will be minimal so that it will portray a starfish but not compete with the figures.
To prepare this for a two hour painting session (that is all the time allowed during the show) I will complete the background and the under painting on the figures prior to the show. This way I can focus on the flesh tones and hopefully get the painting close to completion during the allotted time.


  1. This so amazing Bev. Very beautiful and sweet! When is the live painting. My stepmother, who is also an artist and art teacher, would like to know if the "live" painting will be filmed. If so she would love to view it.

  2. The painting live will not be filmed. :( for you, but :) for me.

    What is going on is during the art show, there will be artist set up at stations throughout the exhibit and they will be creating. Some will be painting,some sculpting, and some carving etc...

    Since this is my first time working live (besides my art classes), I'm grateful that it's not being filmed. Photos will be taken.

    I'll be glad to send you a photo of the finished piece so that you can share it with her.


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