Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Studio

Do I even dare to call the place where I paint my studio? I do even though it's not my vision of what a studio should be.

I have found that the best place for me to work is in my kitchen. The counters are at the perfect height, and the recessed lights in the ceiling create the best lighting than that of any other room in my home. I set my easel near the counter and the all glass patio doors, cover the granite counters with thick cardboard, turn the music on and begin my painting. The kitchen is placed in the center of my home giving me the ability to still hear and monitor family activity (although, I prefer painting late at night while all in the house is asleep).

The downside of using my kitchen is I can't just leave my supplies laying around making it more effort to begin and end the painting session, and I tend to worry about using the chemicals in a place where my family eats. One day I will find my ideal studio, but for now...I'm just happy to paint somewhere.

Do you have a studio that isn't a "Studio" and if so how do you work around the challenges of that space?

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