Monday, May 10, 2010

Promote Your Art by Writing a Guest Blog Post

For all you experienced artist, this is a great opportunity to share your experiences with other artist and receive some exposure all at the same time. I am new to the art business world and don't have experiences to share...yet.

I love blogs such as Art Biz that shares a wealth of information to artist and I have found that it is of great help. I love it so much that I follow this blog as well as subscribe to her podcast on itunes. Check it won't regret it.

Promote Your Art by Writing a Guest Blog Post

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Drawing the Head #2

Here is my second attempt with this technique. This was drawn from a photo I had leftover from my portrait painting class that I took last summer. I enjoy drawing these and hope to improve with each one.


In Loving Memory of Maddie


20x24 Oil on Canvas

Beverly Gurganus

I was honored to be commissioned to paint this portrait of a sweet little girl. She loved Elmo and all that girly stuff such as lip gloss and going to the spa with mommy to have her nails done. Her life was cut short by an avoidable accident that isn't talked about much when we baby safe our homes. We all know about electrical plugs, gates, toilet latches, but have you been told to strap your furniture?

I am a mother of three, and I have to admit that my furniture wasn't strapped. I never even thought of that as a hazard, but children die from falling furniture. Please visit Maddie's website and pass the word along to strap your furniture.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Drawing the Head # 1

Pencil on Canson Paper
Beverly Gurganus after William Maughan
This is my First attempt following William Maughan's technique. I wanted to duplicate one of his drawings as a way to get a better understanding of his methods. The rest of my drawings will be from various photos.
This technique was easy to follow and I hope that I achieve the same look when I trying it using my own photos.

The Artist's Complete Guide to Drawing The Head By William Maughan

I checked this book out from the Library a couple of weeks ago and found it interesting. I've been wanting to get more practice on drawing the head so that I may one day not have to grid my canvas.
Artist William Maughan does a wonderful job in explaining his technique in this book. You only need two CarbOthello pencils and Velvet Grey canson paper. The paper will become your medium fleshtone of the figure. I highly recommend this book!
I will post pictures of my drawings as I study his technique.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Art Mentor: Rita Ray

Graphite on Paper by Rita Ray

Becoming an Artist was not something that crossed my mind until a few years ago. I always loved to draw and create, but an Artist... I could never be good enough to call myself "Artist".

An artist and fellow classmate of mine, Rita Ray, played a key roll in my choice for going to school and study Fine Arts. Rita is an amazing artist and art teacher at a local high school. As I think back to my elementary days, it makes sense that she is an art teacher. When we were in 6 th grade, we sat near each other and she would demonstrate how to draw animated characters such as "Woody Woodpecker", "Coyote", "Road Runner", etc... I still know how to draw the characters she taught me.

Many years later, we came in contact with each other again at the school where she currently teaches. We worked together in the art department where I learned so much from her, and that is when my focus turned towards an Art degree. I no longer work at the school, but Rita remains on of my Art Mentors.

Rita works with all mediums, but when I think of her work, my mind goes to her highly detailed pencil drawings. She is very meticulous and never shys away from the details that bring her work to life.