Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Re-worked and SOLD!

Baby Kisses, 20" x 16" Oil on Canvas, Beverly Gurganus
I introduced this painting several months ago when I was planning my live painting at a local school. I have shared with you the progression of this painting as I have worked on it and found that I needed to share the final results.
I picked this back up and reworked the flesh tones. The tones of the Mother were competing with the tones of the daughter. I opted to cool the flesh tones of the Mother rather than warm the tones of the daughter.
I find myself attached to this painting (not b/c I think it is the best I've ever done) because I can relate to the relationship of Mother and Daughter. It brings me joy and I hope that the buyer of this piece will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it.

Student's Work II

Ethan Mongold, 7th grade, charcoal on Canson

Sabina Marian, 8th Grade, Charcoal on Canson

Andrew Pearson, 11th Grade, Graphite on Paper

Cameron Paul, 4th Grade, Charcoal on Canson

Rebekah Pearson, 4th Grade, Marker on Cardstock