Saturday, April 17, 2010

Live art at GCA

I am counting down the days til the GCA student art show where I will be painting live. The above picture has been prepared for this event. I have painted most of the back ground with the exception of shadows from the starfish and touch-ups. As for the figures, I have completed the under painting. It was hard to stop painting after this stage, but I felt that the on lookers need to see more of a raw stage so that they can witness the painting coming to life. I am a slow painter so my hope is to come close to completion, but I know that it will be a challenge.
I am excited for this event not only for the joy of painting, but in hopes to gain prospective commissions. I will have my business cards displayed as well as wearing an apron that displays my business identity.
I will post the finished painting as soon as it is complete along with photos of the event.


  1. Thats awesome! I know they will treasure this. Talk to yall soon! GP

  2. Thank you GP...I'm looking forward to the finished product :)


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