Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baby Kisses

Beverly Gurganus "Baby Kisses" 18x20 Oil on Canvas

I first introduced this piece when I was was going to paint live at an local high school's art show. After completing a few commission pieces, I was finally able to pick this piece back up and finish it. My favorite part of this portrait painting is the pattern in the background...I love the orange with the blue.

Monday, July 19, 2010

TCC's 340 High Street

Today I was excited to pick up my copies of the 340 High Street Student Art Magazine from my local Community College. I went to lunch and enjoyed taking my time thumbing through all the beautiful pages of student's work. I saw many beautiful pieces and was extra excited when I recognized a fellow classmate's work.

The annual magazine is a true example of the wonderful art program provided by the Visual Art Center of TCC with a wide range of mediums such as glass blowing, pottery, 3-D design, painting, drawing, computer graphics, photography, etc... The instructors are awesome! Lets face it, you can't have a good program if the instructors aren't masters in their field.

This specific edition I'm personally interested in because three of my pieces were selected to be in this publication. I have seen these pieces of mine over and over, but Wow, how different they looked published in the magazine. I felt I was viewing them for the first time.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Post Cards

I am happy to announce that my first set of post cards have been ordered! I have been working on my mailing list for some time now and researching what type of mailing would be best for me. Post cards seemed to be the best fit. It allows me to use one side to exhibit one of my paintings and then on the other side, a short to the point message. The post card will be less likely to be tossed and more likely to be placed on a fridge, used as a bookmark, or just left on the foyer table (the three places where I leave my mail that I don't trash immediately LOL).

I compared the cost of local printers and I wasn't happy with the amount of money they wanted to print my postcard. I was looking at the possibility of printing them in house when a friend recommended an online printer. It was one of the best recommendations...they are very cost efficient.

I was able to design my card, proof read it, and order it all from one site. If anyone is interested in any print needs go to http://www.gotprint.com/ .

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Face art

Although I haven't spent time painting in my home studio as much as I would like, I have been painting almost everyday. My surfaces have changes as I continue to work on my church's upcoming VBS...wood, card board, paper etc...
This past 4th of July, I painted on a surface that is new to me...faces. I was asked to paint the children's faces at the church picnic and I was a little intimidated with the idea. I did some research and found some examples that I felt would be a hit with boys and girls. I now can say that it was so much fun and the children were so excited with their "face art". I had to close my station after about 4 hours and felt bad that there were still children whose faces lacked paint :( I would definately do this painting job again!!!!