Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have had this clump of clay sitting in my closet ever since I taught art (3 years ago). I pulled it out and decided to make use of it. After soaking it in water to soften and wedging it (wow, what a job to do) I began to create this teapot. I started it 3 weeks ago using the slab technique and I wanted it to reflect the playing with pattern from my recent paintings. It is now going through the drying process and will soon be fired in a kiln. The firing process is always a "hold your breath and pray" experience for me because I never know what might happen during that stage. I thought I better photograph my pot while it is in tact LOL. I am still undecided as to what colors I will paint/glaze it... I will wait til after the firing to make my decision.

Recently commissioned

I was commissioned by a group of women who wanted to surprise a dear lady with a portrait of her cradling her grandson who just lost his fight with cancer this past November. This was very difficult for me to work on since I knew both the grandmother as well as the sweet boy, but knowing how precious this portrait would be to her, I was able to stay motivated. After a few touch-ups, it will be ready for it's unveiling in February.