Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sculpting with Chocolate

It was that time daughter's birthday.  Each year I allow her to request the type of cake she wants for her birthday.  This year she chose something simple {not} a horse for the top of the cake.  She has specifics...the horse had to be black and white.

I had already tried sculpting with gum paste, but that was not successful.  On my trip to the cake store, one of the ladies told me of modeling chocolate.  I mixed up the recipe and began is the horse that took three hours to sculpt.

I was very happy with the horse and most importantly, Christina was happy.  Next, was to design the rest of the cake to fit her "cowgirl" theme.  Here is the finished cake.

...and the happy 5 year old

Sunny, White Standard Poodle

Thanks to Teresa for allowing me to do an example of her boy, Chevy, I have now received my first commission {a month ago}.  Teresa has been wonderful sharing the Scratch board of Chevy with others and passing out my business cards...she is awesome!

14x11 Scratch board

Sunny is a beautiful white standard poodle and he was fun and challenging to do b/c of his all white coloring. I was able to meet Sunny when delivering this piece to his Mommy and he is just as beautiful in person as he was in his photo.  He is very smart and enjoyed playing ball with my  4 year old 5year old daughter.  I also met his new 10 wk old brother, Happy, who is adorable and all black {I will have to practice by doing a scratching of my all black Newfie so that I'll be ready to do Happy}.

8x10 Scratch board

Above is a Scratching of my dog pug, Reilly.