Sunday, July 27, 2014

Child Portrait Study

I am always creating...sometimes it is a project for my home, and sometimes it is on paper/canvas/wood.  Moving into a new home and trying to put my personal touch in every room has made it hard for me to find that balance of working on my growth in visual arts and learning and doing new projects for the home.  

I have been going through a graphite stage recently where I just want to draw...focusing on the mix of Zentangles and portraiture, but I decided to pull out those neglected tubes of oils.  Oh how the love of oils was rekindled in my heart...the smell, the way the brush felt in my hand, and the way the paint moved on the canvas.  

It had been a while since I attempted a portrait so I pulled an old photo of my daughter and proceeded to do a study of her.  Flesh tones remain a challenge for me...I still haven't established a good "formula" for them.  My flesh tones are never the same from one portrait to another.  I guess in time I will find my own method of mixing that works for me.   Happy Painting all!!!

Christina Rose
Beverly Gurganus
11x14. Oil on Canvas