Monday, October 3, 2011

"Break the Bread"

"Break the Bread"

Beverly Gurganus

16x20 Oil on Canvas

I was frantically finishing last minute details for my student's art show when one of my moms brought me this beautiful loaf of bread (whole wheat to be exact). The bread was not only perfect because of my endeavors of eating clean, but also perfect in form. I had never seen homemade bread look so picture worthy before (not including bakery bread...they are just as beautiful) This loaf wasn't baked in a bakery; it was baked in the home of a precious family...a family of ten children and four are still being home schooled. I've never made homemade bread (unless putting ingredients into a bread machine counts) but I do know the work that is involved in making it (which is why I've never made it).

Admiring this bread, brought me to the conclusion that this bread was worthy of my next still life painting. I had finished the previous still life "Pears & Bottles" and was ready to start another that would also include a colored glass bottle, and a repeat of the striped cloth (which I now have named "The Striped Cloth of Death") I love this striped cloth and have used it now in four still lifes (oil pastel, color pencil, and oil) the process of working on it drives me insane, but so worth it (even if there are errors within the stripes).

Thank you Marci for the beautiful and equally delicious bread.

Survived the Fire!

I was awakened early Wed. morning with a notification that my Home school Art class that I teach was cancelled due to a fire in our church. They said the church sanctuary was burnt to ashes and the rest of the church suffered extreme smoke damage. Below is a picture of our church taken by WVEC (a local news station) showing the intensity of the flames. Though this looks depressing, we are rejoicing that the missionary family (man, woman, and two small children) were able to escape without harm. It will take a while for our building to be replaced, but our church body has come together to praise God in this journey.

Wednesday Morning approx. 2:30am

Once the shock wore off and I began to think about the details, I remembered that I had an original painting hanging in the "Prophet's Chamber" (an apartment area within our church where visiting missionaries stayed). I asked those capable of retrieving this for me if it would be possible to get the painting. I didn't want the painting considered damaged and thrown out...I wanted to be the one to make that decision.

Yesterday, after having our first Sunday morning service together in another local church building, I was given my painting. It was triple bagged, and I was warned to only open it outside due to the odor.

When I got home and opened the bags, I was amazed at the condition of my painting. Other than the smell of smoke, there wasn't a trace of smoke damage. To help you understand this better...the church office is at the opposite end of the sanctuary and everything was covered with soot and ash. The prophets chamber is the closest room to the sanctuary (if going down the hall toward the offices on the right). Below is a picture of the painting. I have not done any sort of cleaning or restoring.