Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Apple Tea"

"Apple Tea"
Oil on Canvas
For Sale: $275.00 (Framing and Shipping not included)
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I have been concentrating on Portraits for the past year and though portraits are my favorite subject, I wanted to take a break from flesh tones. I have never tried painting shinny silver before and wanted to incorporate it within my still life. The spoon was an after thought. Once my composition was determined and drawn on the canvas, I realized it was missing something...thus the spoon. I'm pleased by my addition and I feel that the composition is better balanced.


  1. Hi, Beverly! Lovely still life! I agree with you about the spoon..I think it added to a dynamic diagonal flow and added balance. Your shiny pot looks great. :-)

    Good luck at the paint extravaganza. Bet it will be fun. You'll do great.

    Thanks for your visit and kind comments.

  2. Thank you L. Holm. I appreciate your comments.
    I am enjoying your blog.


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