Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Home Studio

A new easel for a new studio

Was able to get all of this from a kitchen/bath showroom that was having a major sale due to moving to a new location...major bargain

Fell in love with this and decided that if I ever get a studio, I would put this on the wall.
I have been dreaming of my own place to work and paint for several years now, and I thought my only hope was either a new house or wait til my children grew and moved out (then I could turn their bedroom into a studio). Well....after talking to my husband, we decided that we didn't need another den (his office consisted of his desk and then a couch, chair, tv etc...), and that he could give up half his office for me to have my studio. Was so Excited to hear him say that.
I began my plans. I knew that I wanted a desk, place for my easel, and then some sort of counter/ storage workspace. By my surprise, he called me a couple of weekends ago and told me that he visited a showroom that was having a major clearance sale and that he found the perfect solution for me for 1/3 rd of the price that I originally thought it would cost. He took me down to the showroom to see if it met my approval...two weeks later, my studio was installed and ready for creating.
Ahhh...so nice to not have to paint in my kitchen or garage.