Monday, July 19, 2010

TCC's 340 High Street

Today I was excited to pick up my copies of the 340 High Street Student Art Magazine from my local Community College. I went to lunch and enjoyed taking my time thumbing through all the beautiful pages of student's work. I saw many beautiful pieces and was extra excited when I recognized a fellow classmate's work.

The annual magazine is a true example of the wonderful art program provided by the Visual Art Center of TCC with a wide range of mediums such as glass blowing, pottery, 3-D design, painting, drawing, computer graphics, photography, etc... The instructors are awesome! Lets face it, you can't have a good program if the instructors aren't masters in their field.

This specific edition I'm personally interested in because three of my pieces were selected to be in this publication. I have seen these pieces of mine over and over, but Wow, how different they looked published in the magazine. I felt I was viewing them for the first time.


  1. Awesome work! Love the top painting!

  2. Thank you "Me" and Elisabeth.
    Elisabeth, the top painting is my favorite. I love the pattern in that one the best along with the way the colors work together.


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