Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baby Kisses

Beverly Gurganus "Baby Kisses" 18x20 Oil on Canvas

I first introduced this piece when I was was going to paint live at an local high school's art show. After completing a few commission pieces, I was finally able to pick this piece back up and finish it. My favorite part of this portrait painting is the pattern in the background...I love the orange with the blue.


  1. The background is beautiful .. it looks like it was a challenge to paint. The colors and shading nicely done on these beautiful people.

  2. Thankyou hmuxo. The fleshtones have been a challenge b/c their tones are so different. I'm going to pick it back up and try to make the fleshtones of both more complimentary of each other rather than clashing by cooling off the mother's tones.

  3. I would say the best part of this painting are the woman and baby and their interaction. It's wonderful! Though the background is lovely too.:)
    Thanks for the info about the online printer. I used one once and it was great, though then they sent me two e-mails a week for a year! I actually still think it's so nice to get something like a postcard in the mail.


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