Friday, September 3, 2010

slide show feature

Excited to finally take the time to add a slide show of my work to my side bar. Hope you enjoy it :)


  1. Hey Beverly... couldn't find your phone number but knew you had started your own studio. I am currently teaching music and art at Pleasant Grove Christian Academy in VB... it's a relatively new school and very small, with limited funding. I am trying to arrange a "field trip" of sorts for art. What would you charge to come in and do some type of art lesson/project with the students? We currently have 10 students enrolled grades K-3... we have preschool as well, but I would be interested in having you work with the elem students. Feel free to email me or call me.... or 615-0521
    I could also use any tips or advice you can give me.... the last time I taught art was when GCA had 3 campuses... but that was when Connor was a baby and I was teaching part time.
    Let me know when you can.
    Kayley Hansley

  2. Hello Beverly
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Good luck in your new career.
    Happy painting.


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