Thursday, September 30, 2010

Paper Bag Assignment- 2pt. perspective

Casey Gurganus 8th grade

Sabina Marian 8th grade

Stacie Mongold 10th grade
After introducing my Middle School and High School students to 2pt perspective, they were given the assignment to draw a paper bag while demonstrating 2 pt. perspective.
I provided the paper bag and they set it up on the work table themselves. Many of them took the bag home to complete, and many of them made the decision to add backgrounds and other objects to their drawings.
I was very pleased with the over drawings especially since many of the students are first time art students. I so look forward to seeing them grow as the school year progresses.


  1. Nice! Great job ladies! I'll be sure to show Divine. With so much talent maybe we should do an art show.

  2. I'm very impressed Beverly. They're doing amazing work. I hope you continue to display their work.

  3. Thank you. I will be happy to post more of their work.


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