Saturday, July 30, 2016

Painting Live Models

Painting using live models scares me, or should I say intimidates me. When I was in art school I signed up for a summer portrait painting class where each class we would paint from a live model. Trying to get a portrait started and work within 25 minute increments was very challenging (not to mention my professor looking over my shoulder). I would find myself so worried about the time limit and other's watching that it was hard to get much accomplished. I would then finish in the comforts of my own home using a photograph. 

Photographs became my comfort by providing me with a still subject with no time limits. It was like the perfect relationship for me, but in time I became dis-satisfied with my paintings...they lacked something and fell a little flat. I decided that in order to grow I must step out of this box that became my safe haven, and take risk no matter how difficult it would be. 

I began by becoming my own model. I could paint myself without added pressure of doing a just job for the model. If it didn't turn out well...then it was just me. Time...I didn't have to worry about giving my model a rest (I could paint as long as I desired). I liked being my own model, but I was ready for more. 

This week, I solicited my daughter to sit for me. She set up her tablet, and caught up on some T.V. shows via Amazon (Yay for technology!). I'm so thankful she was willing to take time out of her day to spend a total of 4 hours sitting for me. The painting is not a complete likeness, but I'm pleased with it. Speed and likeness will come in time with practice (which I'm looking forward to painting another model). 

Never be afraid to try new things because that is what helps us grow!

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