Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Impasto using pallette knife

I have been staring at my tall wall in my Living Room for a while. My couch sits against this wall with art work hanging above that is obviously not to scale with the wall. I decided it is finally time to get a much larger piece for the space.

While chatting with one of my Facebook artist friends, I was challenged to attempt a palette knife painting and so after researching the medium (tool) I accepted the challenge. My first attempt taught me that you should not do impasto without a medium to assist in the endurance of the paint but also the drying time. Oil paint is way too costly!

The above picture is what my piece looks like thus far. It is taking me longer than I hoped because not only is it a larger piece (3'x4') but also I'm starting a few Christmas gifts that has hit my priority list.

So far, this has been a learning experience and the only advice I would give to someone who wants to give this a try (besides using a medium) would be...don't be as ambitious as me and start with a much smaller canvas :).

Keep Creating all!!

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