Friday, June 25, 2010

Mural/Drama Set

The Egyptian Exhibit

I Later added dimension to this part of the paintings (the water box)

Water House painted by Seema and Courtney

Water house #2 painted by Casey and Me

This year our church is doing an Vacation Bible School called The Egyptian Files. It looks like it will be fun, but before that can happen, there is alot of work behind the scenes to prepare for VBS week. I (of course) signed up to paint.

This is the back drop for the drama that goes along with the program. Two and a half weeks ago my two daughters, Courtney & Casey, an art student from GCA, Seema, and myself headed to our church to begin these large pieces made out of plywood.

The water houses were our first paintings and after the pictures were taken, I went back to them and added the dimension to the boxes. The larger piece began with a painting crew, but ended with me completing it. I had my helpers there to paint the color blocks of the tile and doorway, but faced with time constraints and busy schedules I painted the rest. It was alot of work, but we had fun!

I have a larger painting crew coming to help me paint cutouts from cardboard such as hippos, gators, monkeys, birds, camels, pyramids, potted plants, palm trees, snakes etc... The large pharaoh head will be mine to paint...I've been looking forward to that one :)

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