Saturday, February 27, 2010

Graphite...It's been awhile!

"Rachel Eden"
Graphite on Matte Board

I have spent the past year and half focused on oil painting that it was refreshing to pick up the pencil again. It is interesting how your mind thinks differently when you are using pencil rather then oil paint.

One of my weaknesses that I am trying to improve on is the ability to achieve a likeness without using techniques such as griding the image. There are times that I am successful just "eyeing it', but other times...not so much. This piece gave me troubles, and I had to turn to my grid (this was the second attempt).


  1. Graphite was my favorite in Art 101. It's my favorite to view too. I just got Divine some to test out dispite her protests she has stated that she likes it too. That is a very good likeness.

  2. Thank you. I enjoy graphite and most mediums, but nothing satisfies me like oil. Working in color adds a whole new challenge. :)


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