Sunday, June 28, 2015


16"x20" Oil on Canvas
Beverly Gurganus

Last summer I took my daughter to Hobbs Studio to have her senior portraits taken.  Jeannie,the photographer, did the traditional drapery pose along with three other outfit changes.  We were allowed to bring props so we took a beautiful red velvet like chair that we found at the thrift store as well as our little spoiled yorkie.  It was fun watching Jeannie work her magic.

Several weeks later we recieved a call to come and view the images, and to select the ones we wanted to purchase.  We went through each pose and started eliminating the ones we didn't like first, and then (continuing with the process of elimination) we made our final selections.  When it came to the formal dress poses, I had a favorite, but my daughter had a different favorite... I let her pick the one she liked.

I couldn't get the other picture out of my mind...I saw visions of it in oil paint.  I'm not one who feels comfortable asking for things, but again putting myself out there; I sent a message to Jeannie (Must be getting brave in my maturing age) asking her to grant me permission to attempt an oil painting of her photographed portrait of my daughter.  She generously printed off a photocopy of the portrait.  I was so excited to get started.

Above is my interpretation of the portrait that Jeannie @Hobbs Studio photographed.  Thank you Jeannie!

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