Thursday, October 30, 2014

Still life with eggs and teapot

16x20 Oil on Gallery Stretched Canvas
Beverly Gurganus

I'm still thinking of a title for this piece.  Painting white is a challenge for me because my mind tries to talk to me the entire time making me question my use of color.  I find myself having to step away from the easel then come back with a fresh eye.  I never get a satisfied feeling about it until I have all the surrounding objects and background painted...then the color makes sense to me. 

 I was ready to do another still life using transparent glass, but I wasn't ready to depart from my egg/chicken theme.  I took 2 freshly laid eggs and placed it in the still life.  I'm really glad I did because I love the little pop of color these eggs lend to the painting.

Time to start another piece...  ­čÄĘ

Update:  The title for this piece is..."Table For Two".

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