Sunday, July 8, 2012

"From Ashes Comes Life"

Earlier this year I wrote a post about our church that caught fire and that the sanctuary was destroyed along with everything inside.  Our Pastor's son (Andrew) rummaged through the ashes and found charcoal remnants of our church piano.

The bag containing burnt pieces of our church piano:

Andrew approached me during Art Class (he was one of my students) asking what the possibilities were for using the charcoal pieces of piano to draw the piano.  I told him that I would play around with it.

I never could find out the exact model of our piano so I decided a drawing of piano keys would work. 
Here is the final drawing:

"From Ashes Comes Life"
Beverly Gurganus
Charcoal pencil and Burnt wood from Piano

The burnt wood worked well with lighter values, but was not successful with darker values.  I chose to use my charcoal pencil for the darker values.

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