Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sculpting with Chocolate

It was that time daughter's birthday.  Each year I allow her to request the type of cake she wants for her birthday.  This year she chose something simple {not} a horse for the top of the cake.  She has specifics...the horse had to be black and white.

I had already tried sculpting with gum paste, but that was not successful.  On my trip to the cake store, one of the ladies told me of modeling chocolate.  I mixed up the recipe and began is the horse that took three hours to sculpt.

I was very happy with the horse and most importantly, Christina was happy.  Next, was to design the rest of the cake to fit her "cowgirl" theme.  Here is the finished cake.

...and the happy 5 year old


  1. How sweet!!!! You're such a good Mommy!! You did an amazing job on this and your daughter certainly looks happy!!! She's beautiful!!


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