Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Fallen King"

"Fallen King"
Beverly Gurganus
9"x 12" Prisma Color Pencil on Canson

Every so often my husband and I venture out to the local thrift store to see what "treasures" we may find. I tend to migrate to the glassware in search of color glass and knick knacks for potential still-lifes.

The most recent trip, I was looking for interesting subject matter for my students to use as still-lifes. I stumbled across four chess pieces ( 1 queen with matching knight & 1 king with matching night). My first reaction was to pass them by, but as I continued to look at other possibilities, these pieces began to speak to me. I had no choice, but to purchase them. I try to do a sample drawing for each of my student's assignments...this is the example I did for the color pencil unit.

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  1. When something speaks to me, I act on it also. Great painting Beverly..very unique. Love the colors.


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